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Both cold rolled steel sheet and galvanized steel sheet belong to Solar Panel Frame Steel.

Types and Features of Solar Panel Frame Steel
1. Without oxidized scale, cold rolled Solar Panel Frame Steel features good flatness and accurate dimensions. Plus annealing treatment, it owns better mechanical property and processing property compared with hot rolled steel sheet. Nowadays, it has become an indispensable material. In some applications, it is even used as hot rolled steel sheet. With excellent stamping property, it is usually used as raw material of coated sheet.

2. Galvanized Solar Panel Frame Steel offers excellent resistance to corrosion, good flatness and superior workability at a cost effective price. The galvanized coating is tough enough to bear the mechanical damage resulting from transportation and operation. Our galvanized steel sheet is durable and the sheet with standard thickness can remains for more than 50 years without maintenance.

Kaiyuan Metal is an experienced Solar Panel Frame Steel manufacturer in China. We provide pre coated steel coil and sheet steel, cold rolled steel coil and sheet steel, Hot Rolled Steel and Steel Plate, stainless steel sheet, among others.

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