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Automobile Sheet Steel is mainly classified into galvanized steel sheet, hot rolled steel sheet, electro galvanized steel sheet, and stainless steel sheet.

Types and Advantages of Automobile Sheet Steel
1. Galvanized Automobile Sheet Steel offers excellent resistance to corrosion, good flatness and superior workability at a cost effective price. Our galvanized steel sheet is durable and the sheet with standard thickness can remains for more than 50 years without maintenance. The galvanized coating is tough enough to bear the mechanical damage resulting from transportation and operation. Due to its variety of features and advantages, galvanized Automobile Sheet Steels can be used in manufacturing of not only automobile parts, but also small sized industrial fans, and road signs with thickness between 1.0mm and 1.5mm.

2. Hot rolled Automobile Sheet Steel not only offers excellent mechanical property and cryogenic property, but also formability and weldability. Commonly, it is used in the state of hot rolling or normalization, and can be applied to the area where temperature is below -40℃. The hot rolled steel sheet is applicable for the manufacturing of mechanical parts and general metal structural parts.

3. Electro galvanized Automobile Sheet Steel is widely used in automobiles. Compared with hot-dip galvanized sheet, our economical steel sheet offers better stamping workability, weldability, adhesion to film, resistance to corrosion, and protection.

4. Stainless Automobile Sheet Steel used for auto parts offers excellent resistance to corrosion. With mechanical strength and high extensibility, it is easy for components processing, thus meeting the requirements of designers.

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