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Stainless Steel Sheet

Our stainless steel sheet adopts iron-based alloy steel with contain no less than 12% Cr as its raw material. The stainless steel sheet's main ingredient Cr forms a thin and dense passive film on the steel, and the film can isolate oxygen. Therefore, the steel sheet features magnificent surface and resistance to corrosion, and can be widely used in various sectors without coating, mopping or any other surface treatment. In addition, our stainless steel sheet is formed with thermal treatment and grinding to maintain better performances. Specifically, it comes with high precision, strong tension, and good finish, and it is uneasily broken.

There are representative common steels like 13Cr steel, 18Cr steel, and 18Cr-8Ni steel. And we can provide stainless steel sheet made with different kind of steel according to clients' actual application requirements.

Features & Applications of Stainless Steel Sheet

Type Feature Application
As the multifunctional steel, it offers excellent resistance to corrosion and heat, and has mechanical property and low temperature strength. Also, it is good for hot processing (such as tamping, curving), and has no hardening during the thermal treatment. Last but not least, t is nonmagnetic with working temperature ranging from -196~800℃. Houseware(tableware, cabinets, indoor pipelines, water heaters, boilers, bathtubs),Auto parts, Elevators, Medical appliances, Building materials, Chemistry, Food industry, Agriculture, Ship parts
18Cr-12Ni-2.5Mo LOW-CARBON
As the low C series of steel grade 316, it has excellent resistance to grain boundary corrosion, except having the same features of 316 steel. Products that have special requirements toward resistance to grain boundary corrosion.
As the typical ferrite steel, it has low thermal expansion rate, but comes with excellent formability and oxidative resistance. Heat-resistant appliance, Inflamer, Household appliance, Reusable tableware, Kitchen sink, Exterior trim component, Bolt, Nut, CD stick, Mesh.

Parameters of Stainless Steel Sheet

Dimentions Hot Coil/Sheet Cold Coil/Sheet
Quality 304/No.1, 316l/No.1 304/2b, 430/2b, 316l/2b,
Standard JIS4303-1998
Thickness 3.0-20mm(45mm Max Sheet) 0.3-3.0mm
Width 1219mm/1500mm 1000mm/1219 /1500mm
Length 2000mm/2438mm/2500mm/6000mm(Max) 2000mm/2438mm/2500mm
Surface Finish No.1 , 2b , No.4 , Hl , Ba Mirror Polished
Bundle Weight 3-5mt
Coil Weight 3-15mt(Max)
Packing Standard Export Packing
Price Terms CFR (Preferable)
Payment 100% Irrevocable L/C Issued by First Class Bank or 30% T/T In Advance

We are a professional stainless steel sheet manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a vast range of products including cold rolled steel sheet, electro galvanized steel sheet, Stainless Steel Coil and Sheet Steel, pre coated steel coil and sheet steel, and more.

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